Wind Power Experiment

Wind turbines are often seen in wind farms, but there are some that are designed for houses as well. Use the buttons below to change the wind speed.

Like all wind turbines, your turbine will stop if there is too much wind and resume power generation when the wind speed is just right. In what wind speeds will your home-mounted wind turbine run?

Find the maximum wind speed, then stop the turbine to continue.

Device Power Required Wind Required
 Phone Charger 5 W 7 mph
 Laptop Computer 54 W 12 mph
 Ceiling Fan 138 W 16 mph
 Refrigerator 239 W 20 mph
 Vacuum Cleaner 366 W 26 mph
 Window A/C 393 W 29 mph
 Garage Door Opener 400 W 33 mph
 Microwave 1000 W

 Clothes Dryer 4000 W